Regional Institute of Education, Ajmer      

National Council of Educational Research and Training



Training of KRPs in Inclusive Education of Children with Special Educational Needs at Elementary level 


        PAC approved programme titled, ‘Training of KRPs in Inclusive Education of Children with Special Educational Needs at Elementary level ' (code No. 15.24) was organised from 06 to 09, December, 2010 at RIE, Ajmer. The training programme was attended by a total number of 13 participants . The KRPs represented teachers,Teacher Educators of different DIETs and SIERT of Rajasthan state. The resource persons from within the Institute and outside discussed in detail about various aspects related to needs of the learners, children with special educational needs (CWSENs) and approaches/strategies, assessment and evaluation for Inclusive schools. Some of the key issues discussed during the training programme were as follows:

• New thinking emerged in the education of CWSENs,

• Needs of the learners,

• NCF-2005 and Inclusive Education,

• About Inclusive Education,

• Concrete measures required to be taken in Inclusive Schools,

• Various approaches/strategies required in inclusive schools,

• Assessment, & Evaluation in inclusive settings,

• Guidance and Counselling and Emotional Intelligence

• Various Aids and Appliances used by CWSENs in inclusive schools.

     The major inputs on the above topics were provided by Prof. K.B. Rath, Principal, RIE Ajmer, Dr. I. B. Chughtai, Dr. T.V. Somashekar, (RIE Mysore), Ms. Sharmila. The participants had group work and discussion in which they raised and discussed issues and problems related to education of CWSENs in their respective areas. Participants observations and interaction during the sessions clearly showed great appreciation for the rich and varied inputs provided to them. .


Programme Coordinator