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Training of KRPs in Teaching of English Language and Communication Skills organized at RIE Ajmer


        Training of KRPs in Teaching of English Language and Communication Skills at Secondary level for the states of Himachal Pradesh and J&K was organized from 12-16 September 2011 at RIE Ajmer. 38 teachers and teacher educators attended and participated in this 5-day training programme. During this training programme five eminent experts- Prof. D. Ganguly, Formerly Head, University Department of English, Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur, Prof. Sheela Upadhyay, Formerly Head, Department of English, Government College, Ajmer , Dr. R.L.Gupta (ELT expert & formerly Principal of Teachers’ Training College, Udaipur), Prof. K.B. Rath, Principal of the Institute and Dr. I.B. Chugtai,Associate Professor & Head, Department of Education, acted as resource persons in addition to Dr. Saryug Yadav, Programme Coordinator and Associate Professor of English in the Department of Education in Social Sciences & Humanities at Regional Institute of Education (NCERT), Ajmer.
Major Course Contents which were discussed and deliberated during the programme were: Language, Literature and Communication, Constructivist Pedagogy, Communicative Approach to ELT, Verbal and Non-verbal Communications, Effective Communication Skills, Approaches to Grammar, Language of Oral Discourse, Language of Written Discourse, Understanding Poetry, Understanding Drama/One Act Play, Understanding Short Story, Enriching Vocabulary and Assessment/Evaluation (CCE) in English.
The major objectives of the programme were to train the KRPs in content, pedagogy and assessment (CCE) with a special emphasis on effective communication skills at secondary level. Keeping in view of the objectives of the programme and aspirations/expectations of the KRPs the methodology being adopted during the five-day training  programme  include lecture cum discussion, demonstration, working in pairs and groups, using media in-puts computer, software packages, power-point presentation. In addition to this, activities including role play, language games and group works on different components of communication skills were conducted in which the participants took very keen interest and they found quite relevant in improving their proficiency in English language. On the last day of the programme a panel discussion on issues and problems in English language and literature was conducted by Prof. D. Ganguly, Prof. Sheela Upadhyay, Dr. R.L. Gupta and Dr. Saryug Yadav who acted as panelists in which participants raised issues related to different forms of language (use of mother tongue in ELT class) and literature (challenges of teaching of poetry and short story) and use of textbooks in real classroom situations which were nicely responded by the panelists. So for as the outcomes of the programme are concerned they were assessed through feedback questionnaire as well as participants were also asked to give their views on each and every topic being performed by the resource persons. The participants found most of the deliberations/discussions including various activities and panel discussion quite fruitful. However, they felt that the programme would have been more effective had there been a language lab in the Institute which is so important in developing effective communication skills especially oral communication skills. All the participants were provided training package (One hard copy) and one soft copy.