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  • Read your books with clean hands.
  • Don't eat or drink around your books. (Well, be careful then!)
  • Don't lay books face down to keep your place, use book marks.
  • Don't loan your books. Learn how to say "NO".
  • Store books upright on the shelf.
  • Don't write in your books. See Identifyingyour books.
  • Keep books from sunlight and other ultraviolet sources. (Shelving)
  • Clean your books every year or so.




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Library Staff

1. Dr. B.K.Jha --- Asstt. Librarian  

2. Smt. Champa Matai --- Semi Prof. Asstt.  

3. Sh. Hari chand --- Semi Prof. Asstt  

4. Sh. Vinod Shringi --- Semi Prof. Asstt  

5. Sh. Yogendra Rajoriya --- Sr. Lib. Attnd  


Total No. of Books  

82393 --- (Uptill 09.05.2016)

D-2080 --- Dissertations  


Total No. of Journals

F. Jr. --- 32

I. Jr.--- 32

Bound-J --- 686


Library Services

Content Service  

Providing New Arrivals List  

News Papers Clipping  

Internet Service

Photocopying/ Scanning

Document Delivery


Total No. of Users  

Students :--567

Staff :--90; Adhoc:--22

Retired Faculty :--04 

JPF & Ph.D Scholars :--13


Library Timing

8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Mon to Fri)

9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (Sat and Sun)


News Papers & Magazines

News Papers --- 10

Magazines --- 14

Last updated on --- 09.5.2016