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Message From Principal ...

Information not only converted to knowledge but also becomes an important source for wisdom. Due to advancement of ICT the sources of knowledge increased to a great extent. I am proud of my colleagues who inspired me to use such technology to spread the Institutional news to every body. With the help of my esteemed colleagues, Dr. Anand Arya, Dr. Saryug Yadav, Dr. Ram Niwas, Mr. Guman Singh and JPF Shri Surya Narayan Sethi, our Institute has published the first e-news letter for wider circulation on the eve of Golden Jubilee year of NCERT. We are trying to update the news letter with all current news from college and school section. I appreciate the efforts of all my colleagues (both academic and non-academic) and students to participate whole heartedly for Institutional development. We will appreciate the suggestion for improvement of this e-news letter. 

Institute News                                                                     

Annual Day Celebration 


Annual day of the Institute was celebrated in the Assembly Hall of the Institute on 5th March 2011. Prof. G. Ravindra Director NCERT, New Delhi was the Chief Guest who gave away the prizes to the winners in various inter house co-curricular activities being organized during the session 2010-11 for students of the Institute. While speaking he emphasized on punctuality, commitment and strong will power to cope with the latest demands of the time for professional growth and institutional advancement. He also announced the introduction of B.A.B.Ed. in the Institute w.e.f. the next academic session 2011-12. Prof. K.B. Rath, Principal, welcomed the chief guest and other dignitaries present in the assembly hall. Some beautiful cultural programmes such as solo song and dance, group dance and song and skit were presented by the students of the institute. Dr. Saryug Yadav Chief students’ advisor presented the annual report of the institute for the academic session 2010-11. Dr. R.K.S. Arora, Head, DE Dr. Rajesh Mishra, Head, DESSH, Dr. K.C. Sharma, Head DESM & Dean of Instruction and Dr. Nagendra Singh, Head DEE also gave away the prizes to the students. The programme came to its end with national anthem by all the students and faculty including the guests present in the Assembly Hall. Dr. K.C. Sharma Dean of Instruction, proposed a vote of thanks to the chief guest and audience at the end.  (See More Photos)

National Science Day Celebration


Students and Staff of RIE, Ajmer celebrated National Science Day on 28, Feb. 2011. Prof. K.B. Rath, Principal RIE, Ajmer welcomed and introduced the Chief Guest Prof. V.K. Farakya. Programme was inaugurated by the Chief Guest. He delivered his lecture on “Preparing for Excellence in Physics”. He highlighted the historical development of science and technology for the welfare of humanity and he also appraised the contribution and discovery of Sir C.V. Raman. Dr. S.K. Paradkar introduced the work and life of Sir C.V. Raman and showed some videos on the work of Indian Scientists. Ms. Rajni Balyan, a student of B.Sc B.Ed III year expressed her views on the contribution of Sir C.V. Raman. Competition for spot painting, teaching–learning materials (TLM) and Science Quiz were organized. Painting competition was organized under the guidance of Dr.Sunita Farakya on the theme “population exposion & Science. Ms. Kalpana Patel (B.Sc B.Ed IV year), Ms. Sushma Singh (B.Ed II year) and Ms. Sapna Yadav (B.Sc B.Ed III year) stood first, second and third respectively. Exhibition on teaching learning materials was also organized under the guidance and constant encouragement of Dr. S.V. Sharma. Ms. Renu Patel (B.Sc B.Ed III year) and Ms. Osin Kala (of B.Sc B.Ed) stood first and third respectively and Ms. Anjali Bala (B.Sc B.Ed IV year) and Mr. Sunil Khushwaha (B.Sc B.Ed IV year) shared second position. The Inter house quiz competition was held on different themes of Science and four students from each house namely Bhabha, Tagore, Visheswarya and Vivekananda participated in it. This competition was coordinated by Shri V.P. Arya and Dr. Sunita Farakya, Vishweshwarya house, Bhabha house and Vivekananda house stood first, Second and Third respectively. Ms. Sushma Singh and Ms. Preeti Prajapati assisted in this activity. Dr. Sukhvir Singh, Shri Dharam Raj Yadav and Shri Bhaghchand Meena rendered their helps in organizing all the activities of this programme. Programme was attended by staff and students of the institute. Dr. K.C. Sharma, Dean of Institute and Head of Education in Science & Mathematics delivered a vote of thanks & coordinated the Programme.(See More Photos) 

 Pakriti Mela Organized

A five day programmes, from Feb.1-5, 2011, titled “Environmental Education Theme Park for Strengthening School Education Programmes and Training of School Children for Generating Environmental Awareness.” was jointly organized by Regional Institute of Education, Ajmer and Centre for Environment Education, Ahmadabad with the objectives to strengthen environmental education and to bring school children, youth and teachers together in an interactive forum to promote environmental awareness. The programme was aimed at involving the network of Eco-clubs from thirteen states under the National Green Corps Programme of Ministry of Environment & Forest, Government of India.
The Prakriti Mela-2011 was inaugurated with the guest lecture by Prof. Madhu Menon, the nature educator on being close to nature and understanding the ecosystem. During these five days students from 13 states & 39 schools participated in various events such as quiz competition, drawing competition & face Painting, exhibition related to relating to 5 themes of paryavaran, wetland’s bird watching on Anasagar Lake and various exciting games like environment education related activities. In the valediction function the chief guest Prof. K.B.Rath, Principal RIE, Ajmer gave away the prizes to the winners in various events. Dr. B. Barthakur, Associate Prof. was the coordinator of the programme. The programme benefited directly 250 participants and nearly 1500 visitors from local schools. (See More Photos)

Extension News                                                                     

 Content Enrichment Programme in Physics


A programme was organized from January 17-21, 2011 at RIE, Ajmer to train KRPs in content cum pedagogy enrichment and designing of Physics projects in the light of NCF 2005 and to develop write-up / resource material on identified difficult / new concepts / topics of physics. The participants from the state of Rajasthan and Haryana were involved in project design sessions involving laboratory work on electrical components, the motion of marble ball on inclined plane, dependence of time period on length, mass and angular displacement of the pendulum and the dependence of sprig constant on various factors. Dr K.C. Sharma, Dr. S.K. Paradkar, Dr P.C. Agarwal, Dr Ranapratap, Sh V.P. Arya, Sh A.P. Singh and Dr. S.V. Sharma worked as resource persons. Dr S.V.Sharma, Assistant Professor in Physics coordinated the programme.(SeeMore Photos)

Training for Non-Science Teachers at Upper Primary Level


In the view of, assigning teaching job for teaching science to non-science teachers, a training programme was organized at RIE, Ajmer to enrich the non-science teachers with appropriate content and to develop pedagogical skills in non-science teachers for teaching science at upper primary level. Dr Pramila Tanwar, Assistant Professor in Chemistry, coordinated the programme. The training was organized in two phases. The 1st phase held during Nov. 29-Dec. 8, 2010 at RIE, Ajmer and attended by 10 participants. The IInd phase of the programme was held during Feb. 21-March 02, 2011. The trained KRP’s will impart training to the teachers responsible for teaching science without substantial knowledge of the same at upper primary stage.

Teaching of English with a Special Emphasis on Pronunciation and Spoken English

A 5-day training of KRPs in teaching of English with a special emphasis on Pronunciation and Spoken English at Primary Level for the states of Uttrakhand and Haryana was organized from 07-11 February 2011 at RIE, Ajmer in which 18 teachers and teacher educators participated and empowered themselves in various approaches and techniques of ELTL under the constructive and collaborative guidance of experienced subject experts like Prof. Awadhesh K. Mishra, English and Foreign Languages University, Shillong Campus, Meghalaya, Dr. Sheela Upadhaya, formerly Professor of English, Government College, Ajmer, Dr. A. K. Paliwal, Assistant Professor (ELT) ,VBCTE, Udaipur, Mr. Vijay Datta, Assistant Professor, Mayo College, Ajmer, Mr. Ayushman Goswami, Assistant Professor,DE,RIE, Ajmer and Dr, Saryug Yadav, Associate Professor, DESSH, RIE, Ajmer. The major topics discussed and deliberated during the programme include NCF 2005 and English Language Education; Brain and Language; Language Acquisition and Language Learning; Phonetic symbols; Stress and Intonation; Functional Grammar; Listening Skill; Speaking Skill; Reading  Skill; Writing Skill; Teaching Integrated Skills; Spoken English in India: The Question of a Model; The Problem of English Spelling; Effective Communication Skills; Communicative Approach to ELT; Teaching Language through Literature; Assessment of Oral Skills; Promoting communication Skills through Drama and Theatre. It is worthwhile to note that a sincere effort was made to make the programme highly interactive and participatory by the use of group work, pair work, communicative task-based and constructivist approaches which helped to a great extent not only in arousing their  interest but also ensured their encouraging and meaningful participation.

Training in Environmental Science at Secondary Level

In view of emergence of environmental science (EVS) as an interdisciplinary subject comprised of Earth Science and Natural Science and, EVS perceiving as a very important component of curriculum at all levels of education, a five days training programme was organized in the institute from 17-21st Jan 2011, for KRPs of Environmental Science from Punjab to acquaint them with suitable strategy to teach newly introduced and hard topics in new textbooks developed on the basis of NCF-05 and to enrich KRPs with innovative pedagogic skills of transacting the content with the  aim to achieve the course objectives. Dr. Sunita Farkya, Associate Professor in Botany coordinated the programme. During the five days lectures on various topics were delivered by the eminent subject experts, Prof. K. K. Sharma, Dr. P. C. Agarwal, Dr. A. K. Mohapatra, Dr Anand Kumar Arya, Dr. Rasmirekha Sethy, Ms. Sharmila Yadav, Dr. Manoj Yadav and Dr Praveen Mathur.

Training in Designing Biology Projects at Senior Secondary Level


A five day training programme on designing biology project at senior secondary level for the states of Rajasthan was organized from 07-11 September, 2011 at RIE, Ajmer. The training comprises individual work, group work, group discussion, lectures and demonstrations to develop write-up/resource material on identified projects. Dr. Sunita Farkya, Associate Professor, was the coordinator of the programme.


Teaching of English at Secondary Level


Training of KRPs in Teaching of English at Secondary Level was organized at RIE, Ajmer from 28 February to 04 March 2011 in which 15 KRPs from Uttrakhand and Punjab participated. During this 5 day programme the subject experts who acted as facilitators and resource persons include Prof. Sheela Upadhyay (formerly, Government College, Ajmer), Dr. R.L. Gupta (Udaipur), Dr. Anil Paliwal, Assistant Professor (ELT), Vidya Bhawan, CTE, Udaipur and Dr. Saryug Yadav, Programme Coordinator & Associate Professor, DESSH, RIE, Ajmer. The major objectives of this training programme were to help the KRPs in promoting the basic skills (LSRW) of English language with an emphasis on pronunciation and communication skills besides teaching language through literature (poetry, drama, short story etc.) along with assessment (CCE) in English language. The methodology being adopted during the programme included demonstration, discussion, group work, interactive, communicative and constructivist approaches. The major course contents which were duly discussed and deliberated with the KRPs included NCF 2005 and English Language Education, Phonetic Symbols, Stress and Intonation, Functional Grammar, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills, Effective Communication Skills, Communicative approach to ELT, Assessment in English and Integrated Language Skills. During the programme almost all the resource persons emphasized on activity-based learner-center approaches which were highly interesting and all the participants participated actively in role playing, dramatizing, language games, riddles and puzzles, debating and discussing issues related to English language.

Training of KRPs for Recognising Children with Specific Learning Disabilities

PAC approved programme titled, ‘ Training of KRPs for Recognising Children with Specific Learning Disabilities for the State of Punjab' was organised from 22 to 26, March, 2011 at RIE, Ajmer to orient the KRPs about the new thinking emerged in the education of  CWSENs, to sensitize the KRPs about the concept and different types of specific learning disabilities and to train them in  various approaches/ strategies required to handle SLD in regular classrooms at elementary level in inclusive settings. . The training programme was attended by Teachers, Teacher Educators of different DIETs and Education Department of Punjab state. The resource persons discussed in detail about various aspects related to needs of the learners, children with Specific Learning Disabilities, Role of arts education for the all round development of the child, Language: its components (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and importance, ICT, guidance and counselling, emotional intelligence, multiple intelligence, evaluation/ assessment of LD etc . The major inputs on  the above topics were provided by  Prof. K.B. Rath, Principal, RIE Ajmer; Dr. I. B. Chughtai, Associate Professor, DE;  Dr. Rajesh Misra, Head DESSH, RIE Ajmer; Dr Saryug Yadav, Associate Professor, DESSH; Dr. S. K. Paradkar, Associate Professor, DESM; Ms. Sharmila and Dr. Rakesh Tomar. The participants had group and lab work and discussion in which they raised and discussed issues and problems related to education and assessment of CWSENs and SLD in their respective areas. Participants' observations and  interaction during the sessions clearly showed great appreciation for the rich and varied inputs provided to them.

Students’ Activities                                                          

Working with Community


“Working with Community” programme for B.Ed. II Year (Secondary) students was organized from 18-28th February, 2011 under the co-ordination of Mrs. Meenakshi Meena, Assistant Professor (education).  During the ten days programme students visited nearby villages to provide general awareness among villagers about “right to education” and the state & centre government sponsored scheme for education, & also organized rallies on “Jan Jagrukta Abhiyan”. The students also organized door to door campaign to make the villagers aware about the importance of education in their life and also acquainted them with the prevailing social evils and adopt the remedial measures. The lecturers on time and stress management, awareness about first aid treatment to the students were also organized for the students. The students prepared a brief report on the achievement of the objectives of the programme. Sh. Muzammil Hason, Sh. S. C. Mohanty, Sh. Amritpal Singh, Mrs. Bhawana Gaur, Dr. Rakesh Tomer and Sh. Lokesh Kumar Yogi acted as resource person of the programme. (some more photo)

Farewell for Senior Students



The farewell ceremony for the outgoing students, B.Sc.-B.Ed.-IVyr, B.Ed.(sec) IIyr, and M.Ed.(elementary) was organized on 18th March in the assembly hall of the institute. Prof. K. B. Rath, principal, gave away the momento to the students and wished for their bright future. On this occasion students also shared their experience during the whole course at RIE, Ajmer. Dr. A. K. Nainawat, Assistant Professor (Chemistry) coordinated the ceremony with the joint efforts of Dr. Atul Dubey (Physical education) & members of the students’ focus group of the institute. The ceremony was attended by the students, faculty and staff of the institute, and their families.

Faculty Achievements                                                          

Ph.D. Awarded

Anand Kumar Arya, Assistant Professor in Chemistry has been awarded Ph.D. degree in Chemistry for his thesis titled “Synthesis and Characterization of N- & S- contain N-bridged Heterocycles-Search for new Heterocyclic Therapeutics” on 24th March 2011 under the supervision of Prof. Mahendra Kumar Pathak Department of Chemistry, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. He has published his research findings of this period as refereed papers in international journals such as Green Chemistry & Molecular Diversity.....and some are in the status of under review.

1. “Efficient green chemical approach for synthesis of structurally diverse spiroheterocycles with fused heterosystems” Anand Kumar Arya. Mahendra Kumar, Green Chemistry, 2011, 13, 1332 (RSC) .

2. “Base catalyzed multicomponent synthesis of spiroheterocycles with fused heterosystems” Anand Kumar Arya. Mahendra Kumar, Molecular Diversity 2011,15,781 (Springer) .

Medium of Instruction on Conceptual Understanding at Primary Level

A research study entitled A Study of the impact of Medium of Instruction on Conceptual Understanding of Subject Content at Primary Level was conducted during the academic session 2010-2011 by a team of six faculty members namely Dr. Saryug Yadav (Principal Investigator), team members including   Dr. S.V. Sharma, Assistant Professor of Physics, Dr. Ram Niwas, Assistant Professor of Hindi, Sri. Albert Horo Assistant Professor of Geography and Dr. Rana Pratap, Assistant Professor of Physics with the following main objectives:

  • To investigate the differences in conceptual understanding of EVS/Math between students who study these subjects in first language (regional language/Hindi) and a second language (English).
  • To compare the performance of students who are studying in the first language/regional language/Hindi and in a second language (English) on problems based on conceptual understanding.
  • To generate suggestions for better conceptual understanding and the ways of teaching EVS and Math taking into consideration the effect of the choice of  language as medium of instruction.
  • In order to achieve the aforesaid objectives five tools were designed and administered in ten (10) Primary Schools-3 English medium and 07 Hindi medium from both rural and urban areas of Aimer district of Rajasthan state.After the data analysis through qualitative and quantitative, it was found that the responses of conceptual understanding test, the performance of students of English medium schools was better than that of students of Hindi medium schools. Keeping in view of the findings of above it is recommended that multilingual classroom transaction may be encouraged to facilitate the teaching-learning process of EVS and Math. It was found that despite the use of Hindi/local language by teachers in Hindi medium Govt. Schools, the conceptual understanding of student was found not as good as that of their English medium school counterparts. Reasons for this poor performance are two fold: (i) lack of infrastructure in Govt. Hindi medium schools and (ii) students parent's poor educational and socio-economic background.

Conference Attended

Dr S.V. Sharma, Assistant Professor (Physics) participated in three days national seminar from 27-29th April 2011, on “Scientific and Technical Terminology in Indian Language” organized by commission, scientific and technical terminology at vigyan bhawan, New Delhi.

SSA Project

An MHRD Research project entitled “STUDY OF IMPACT OF IN-SERVICE TEACHER TRAINING UNDER SSA ON CLASSROOM TRANSACTION” has been taken up by the Institute in the session 2010-11. Dr. Ram Babu Pareek worked as State coordinator for the above said project. The project involved four district namely Ajmer. Alwar, Baran & Nagaur. In these selected districts the state coordinator studied the impact of in-service teachers training under SSA on classroom transactions for 90 schools covering 700 teachers at the primary and upper primary levels.  

DMS News                                                                    

Annual day Celebration

DMS, RIE, Ajmer celebrated its annual Day on 18th February, 2011. Shri Surendra Singh Shekhawat was the chief guest. Prof. K. B. Rath, Principal, RIE, Ajmer presided over the inaugural function. Shri D. N. Pandey, Head Master, presented the detailed report on the school activities and achievements of the students and staff. The chief guest Shri Shekhawat distributed prizes of the winners of various activities conducted during the academic year 2010-11. On this occasion students performed various programmes including Punjabi Bhangra, Kalbalia of Rajasthan and Garba of Gujarat, depicting the pluralistic culture of India.


Maintaining the tradition of excellent performance, the students of Demostration Multipurpose school, Ajmer, performed well in XIIth class CBSE examinations and declared 100% results in all the three streams i.e. Science, Commerce and Arts. The result for Class X (non-board) was 98.43%. Jayant Kumar Sahani, student of class X, stood first with 9.8 CGPA . Ajit Kumar of Class XII has been selected in IIT-JEE.

Staff News                                                                      


  • Prof. K.B. Rath, Dean of Instructions, on his promotion to Principal RIE, Ajmer on Nov. 01, 2010.
  • Dr. K.C. Sharma on his promotion to  Dean of Instructions  on Nov. 30, 2010.
  • Mrs.Tulsi Kumari, Assistant, on her promotion to S.O. on March 31, 2010.


  • Dr. R.K. Sharma joined as Assistant Professor in Chemistry on March 28, 2011 by transferred from RIE, Bhubaneswar.
  • Sh. O.P. Meena joined as Assistant Professor in Chemistry on March 28, 2011 by transferred from RIE, Bhubaneswar.
  • Sh. Amar Singh Meena, PRT, Joined RIE Ajmer on March 23, 2011from RIE Bhopal.
  • Sh. Nirmal Singh joined as LDC on Feb. 04, 2011.
  • Sh. Ratan Singh joined as LDC on Feb. 04, 2011


  • Dr. RKS Arora, Head(DE), June 30,2011.
  • Sh. Anandi Lal Bhati, UDC, April 01, 2011 (VRS).
  •  Sh. V.K. Agarwal, PGT (DMS), March 31, 2011.
  •  Sh. Usha Kiran Chaturvedi, Dec. 31, 2010.
  •  Sh. O.P. Boyat, Dec. 31, 2010.
  •  Sh. J.K. Vats, Lab Assistant, Oct.31, 2010.
  • Prof. V.G. Jadhao, Principal, Oct.31, 2010.


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